Fallout 76 Sets Release Date for Fallout 3 Location The Pitt

After spending plenty of time on Fallout 76's test servers, The Pitt is finally almost ready to make the jump from Fallout 3 to the live version of the multiplayer Fallout game. Bethesda announced this week during the QuakeCon proceedings that The Pitt will come to Fallout 76 on September 13th as an Expedition for players to embark on. This means revisiting the iconic DLC location first established in Fallout 3, but for those who are either returning here or experiencing The Pitt for the first time, a new story and rewards to be claimed await players.

Previewed multiple times between May and now, The Pitt is an area of the Fallout universe set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which is heavily industrialized compared to the rest of the Fallout locales players have visited. As such, it played host to unique weapons in Fallout 3 like the steel saw and its variants and will bring those aesthetics to Fallout 76 for the first time since we've seen them in Fallout 3.

"For the first time since Fallout 3, players are invited to journey back to post-war Pittsburgh," Bethesda said after announcing the release date for The Pitt in Fallout 76. "Radiation and destruction have warped the once-great industrial city, with citizens mutating into vicious Trogs and a power struggle emerging between the blue-collar Union faction and the Fanatics, a power-hungry band of Raiders. Build an alliance with the Union and learn their background, earning new weapons and armor as you build a reputation with the Raider-besieged faction. You may want some extra hands (and firepower) on your journey, so gather some friends and gear up – it's almost time for an Expedition!"

For those unfamiliar with the Expeditions that the Fallout 76 team has been talking about for a while now, these are ways for players to embark on quests that take them outside of Fallout 76's primary setting. The Pitt is the first of these Expeditions and is therefore the first non-Appalachian setting to be visited. You're able to tackle them either by yourself or with teams of four to experience the story and claim rewards before repeating the process either in The Pitt or via future Expeditions.

"The labyrinthian streets of ruined Pittsburgh can test even the most experienced and prepared groups, with Expeditions' challenges on par with Fallout 76's end-of-questline missions," Bethesda said. "Conquer Expeditions to earn experience, loot and Stamps – a new currency you can exchange for powerful and rare Expedition-themed rewards!"

Fallout 76's The Pitt Expedition will arrive on September 13th.