Fallout 76 Previews New Content from Fallout 3

Bethesda shared its 2022 roadmap for Fallout 76 back in February and confirmed that players would soon be revisiting a very familiar location: The Pitt. First introduced in the Fallout universe in an add-on for Fallout 3 titled the same as the area itself, The Pitt is a post-apocalyptic version of Pittsburgh where players could press their own ammo and acquire an arsenal of industrial weapons. The Pitt will soon be back again in Fallout 76, and this week we got a small preview of what it'll be like with a promise of a hands-on trial coming soon via the game's test servers.

The Pitt's inclusion in Fallout 76 is tied directly to Expeditions, a new feature coming to the latest Fallout game which will send players outside of the Appalachian range players have been exploring since the game's launch. Expeditions are structured around a new Responders storyline where they've set up a new hub area at Whitespring Resort with the intent to aid those who live outside of the Appalachia area. By working with them and completing some Daily Quests to charge up a Vertibird, you can take flight and head to The Pitt.

Those who recall this area from Fallout 3 will already know what it's like, but Bethesda isn't revealing everything just yet about Fallout 76's version of The Pitt. Some details were offered, however, to set the stage for what this industrial zone looks like now.

"Without spoiling too much, The Pitt is currently fraught with a power struggle between the Union, an industrious and diverse band of survivors working to rebuild the city, and the Fanatics, a gang of raiders looking to expand their territory," Bethesda said about Fallout 76's version of The Pitt. "Your goal is to provide support to one of the local Union chapters and drive the Fanatics out of 'The Foundry,' which the Union had been using as their operating base.

Missions sending players to The Pitt consist of three randomized objectives with several optional tasks mixed in to ensure each visit is different. Completing these objectives will net players rewards including experience, loot, and at least one Legendary item. Pitt-exclusive items are also planned including the Auto-Axe melee weapon and Union Power Armor. The Expeditions feature will also introduce a new resource called "Stamps" which are used to trade with Giuseppe at the Responders' Whitespring Refuge to pick out specific items you want from the Expeditions loot pool.


The first mission involving The Pitt, Union Dues, will soon be testable on the game's PTS for those who want to try it out ahead of its live release.