Fan-Made Halo Game Releases Cinematic Trailer

If you find yourself craving more Halo excitement and combat but still prefer your PC over a [...]

If you find yourself craving more Halo excitement and combat but still prefer your PC over a console, there might be a chance to have the best of both worlds with an upcoming fan-made game called Installation 01.

Inspired by Halo and built for a PC experience, Installation 01 is a tribute to the beloved Xbox franchise that incorporates many of the familiar elements from earlier games in the series. The team behinds Installation 01 is keeping it old school in their approach to the game as they plan on providing players the options to incorporate elements from the 343 Studios games, but they won't be turned on in matchmaking by default.

"The game itself is a combination of what we believe to be the best parts of the classic Bungie-era Halo games," a description of the game read on the official site for the project. "While we mostly focus on recreating the Halo 2/3 experience, there are also elements of Combat Evolved and Reach sprinkled in."

The cinematic trailer that was released for the fan-made game is definitely enough to get players reminiscing about the previous Halo games that influenced Installation 01. There's a decent sized team behind the project, too, and if the promises and hopes of their game page are true, the game should end up being quite the in-depth experience.

And if you're thinking to yourself, "how can all of this be legal?" the team that's creating the game has already looked at such obstacles. They've assured fans that the project is indeed completely legal as they have been carefully abiding by Microsoft's guidelines when it comes to creating fan-made content. The team insists that everything withing the game has been created by scratch and that nothing at all has been ripped from any of the games in the Halo series.

The game doesn't have a firm release date at this time. They instead simply list "soon" under the download page, but the game is planned to be completely free-to-play once it is released. Updates are posted periodically to the game's Twitter account, and it's said to be playable on PC, Mac, and Linux platforms.