Far Cry 3 Villain Is "Interested" in Playing a New Video Game Character

Villains in the Far Cry games have grown to stand out more than their protagonists by now, though one of those villains, Vaas, remains a favorite within the community. Vaas comes from Far Cry 3 and is played by Michael Mando, an actor who's known elsewhere for his roles in movies and TV such as Spider-Man: Homecoming and Better Call Saul. His video game credits are limited beyond Vaas, but in a recent AMA conducted by the actor, he said he'd be interested in returning to play a new character while at the same time praising what can be done with modern video games.

Mando talked about his role as Vaas in an AMA recently held over on the subreddit dedicated to that Q&A format. The purpose of the AMA was to talk about Mando's role as Nacho in Better Call Saul, but as one might've expected, the conversations naturally drifted to Vaas and Far Cry 3 at times given how well known he is for that role.

One user asked if Mando had ever played Far Cry 3 before. He replied to say that he had not but that he'd be "interested in taking on a new character" in a game once more.

"I've never played Far Cry 3 but I've watched friends play it," Mando said. "I think what they can do with the video game world is fascinating and I'd be interested in taking on new a character in that realm again. It's a very rich and still new form of storytelling – one that will be around for a long, long time and will only keep evolving..."

Mando did not specify whether he meant a new character in the Far Cry games or a new video game character in general, but based on his wording, it sounds like he meant the latter. For those interested in knowing why he didn't play the game, others pointed to an interview from last year where he said he is "not a very good gamer" and stopped playing games as control schemes became more involved.

Other than his Far Cry 3 role, Mando is known for reprising the role of Vaas for Far Cry 6's DLC as well as his role as Francisco Crystobal in the 2010 game Shaun White Skateboarding.