Far Cry 6 DLC Announced Featuring Stranger Things, Rambo, and Danny Trejo

Just after announcing that Far Cry 6 had officially gone gold ahead of its October release, Ubisoft revealed this week the plans for the new game's DLC. We already knew from a season pass trailer released previously that the game would feature villains from past Far Cry games, but it looks like Ubisoft has much more than that planned with Danny Trejo, Rambo, and Stranger Things all making appearances in some capacity within the post-launch trailer.

That trailer can be seen below to give a broad look at everything that's planned for Far Cry 6 after the game's release. Some of the content will be free while the villain-focused DLC and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon will all be locked behind the season pass.

As for the free content, the three big crossovers will be what most players are likely looking forward to. The first of those has players teaming up with Danny Trejo in the "Danny & Danny vs. Everybody" mission. We don't now a great deal about it beyond that, but Trejo's here and he's got his machete with him, so there's really not much more needed to get excited about that crossover.

Beyond that, the other two crossovers consist of Rambo and Stranger Things content. The first sees an off-brand Rambo in "Rambo: All the Blood" working with the player in line with the game's guerilla fighter themes while the Stranger Things crossover called "The Vanishing" has players looking for their Amigo, Chorizo, who's lost somewhere in the Upside Down.

To keep things fresh amid these larger missions, players will also have other free content to look forward to. Special Operations will be released at times alongside Weekly Insurgencies to give players unique missions to take on.

And then there's the big DLC: The paid content featuring villains from Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4, and Far Cry 5. "Insanity" features Vaas and launches in November, "Control" features Pagan Min and launches in January, and "Collapse" features Joseph Seed and launches in March. In each of these DLCs, players will see a much different setup employed compared to the typical Far Cry experience. It's a "die and retry" formula, Ubisoft said, where players have to start out playing as the villains with only a pistol to their name. Defeating enemies and making it back to a safehouse without dying allows player to rearm themselves with new equipment to prepare them for their next run.

Far Cry 6 launches on October 7th with the game's DLC scheduled to start immediately afterwards.