FaZe Clan Announces the Signing of LeBron "Bronny" James Jr.

The eSports team and video game organization FaZe Clan has announced the signing of LeBron [...]

The eSports team and video game organization FaZe Clan has announced the signing of LeBron "Bronny" James Jr. Bronny James is the son of NBA star LeBron James, and is a player of games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Bronny James is the latest high-profile pick-up for the organization, following the recent signing of NBA star Ben Simmons. Bronny James will create content for the group under the name "FaZe Bronny." FaZe Clan made the announcement on its Twitter account, posting a video showcasing a combination of Bronny James' basketball and gaming skills. The video can be seen in the Tweet below.

At 15 years old, Bronny James is already making a pretty big name for himself in both the world of professional sports and the world of esports. While the high school basketball player has yet to sign with a college, he has already had a number of scholarship offers from various schools for basketball. Of course, some colleges are starting to offer esports programs, so it's possible that Bronny James could elect to go somewhere that will allow him to do both!

High-profile signings like Bronny James and Ben Simmons will help to elevate the status of FaZe Clan. The perception of esports over the last few years has been steadily growing, as more accept it as a valid form of entertainment, and less of a niche. As more athletes and celebrities join the culture of esports and streaming, it seems likely that trend will continue.

FaZe Clan certainly seems to be looking ahead to its long-term possibilities. Back in June, FaZe Clan and Invisible Narratives announced a cinematic universe featuring the group's talent. The first project for the group has yet to be released, so it remains to be seen how successful the venture might prove. While FaZe Clan has more than 230 million followers across its various social media channels, it's impossible to say what kind of appetite there might be for product that ventures outside of streaming. Regardless, it's clear that FaZe Clan is looking to expand its influence in a major way.

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