The FaZe Clan Universe Will Combine Esports and Feature Films

The FaZe Clan and Invisible Narratives have announced a new cinematic universe starring the [...]

The FaZe Clan and Invisible Narratives have announced a new cinematic universe starring the esports organization. According to Deadline, the new franchise will release its first feature film in September, though no details have been revealed about the film's plot or title, as of this writing. The first film in the partnership between FaZe Clan and Invisible Narratives will premiere in Los Angeles, in a rather unique fashion: it will be done in the style of a drive-in. Rather than walking a red carpet, stars and celebrity guests will "drive" the red carpet. The premiere will feature musical guests, and the soundtracks for these films will be handled by Epic Records.

In a statement, Adam Goodman and Andrew Sugerman of Invisible Narratives revealed their hopes for the partnership:

"At Invisible Narratives, we understand that the process by which movies are produced, premiered, and distributed needs to change. We are thrilled to collaborate with FaZe Clan and Epic Records, the most engaged eSports, music, and culture communities on the planet, to bring this must-watch content event to fans. We are excited to re-think the Hollywood premiere with the debut of this project and expect to have one of the greatest red (car)pets of all time."

FaZe Clan CEO Lee Trink also released a statement on the collaboration:

"When Adam first introduced his unique idea for bridging the gap between YouTube content creators and filmmakers, I knew he was onto something big. Historically, Hollywood has taken an expedient approach to leveraging creators and their huge audiences. Invisible Narratives' immense respect and keen understanding of that relationship sets the new standard for filmmakers bringing their formats to this massive and rabid audience."

The project certainly sounds ambitious! FaZe Clan has 230 million followers across its various social media platforms. Clearly, the group has a massive audience. However, it's impossible to say whether or not an audience invested in esports will have an interest in watching theatrical releases produced by FaZe Clan, particularly since no one knows exactly what these projects will be, just yet.

The concept of cinematic universes has been all the rage since the Marvel Studios films exploded in popularity, but Hollywood has yet to find a similar level of success with any other attempts. For example, the Universal Monsters cinematic universe flopped with audiences after the first film released. With the coronavirus pandemic forcing filmmakers to cease production on so many different films, there's never been a better time for this type of project. However, only time will tell if audiences are ready for something like this.

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