First Mobile Harvest Moon Game Now Available

Rising Star Games announced today that the very first mobile Harvest Moon game, Harvest Moon Lil' [...]

harvest moon
(Photo: Rising Star Games)

Rising Star Games announced today that the very first mobile Harvest Moon game, Harvest Moon Lil' Farmers, is finally available on mobile. You can find the store no in the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Underground App Store for a modest $3.99.

Rising Star promises that Lil' Farmers is a game perfect for younger players as well as Harvest Moon fans who are simply young at heart. In other words, when you need your mobile farming / life sim fix, this can hit the spot. Alternatively, when you just need the munchkins to shut up while eating out at a public restaurant, you can shove this in front of their little faces to keep them occupied and they'll be able to play without your help. Now there's a happy balance.

"Harvest Moon Lil' Farmers is the first app published by Rising Star Games and is inspired by the critically acclaimed and cherished Harvest Moon farming game series, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The first Harvest Moon game released in North America in 1997 and the series continues to see a steady rise in popularity and player community worldwide, making it one of today's most beloved franchises. Harvest Moon is revered for being a non-violent, family-oriented game for everyone. There have been more than 30 games released in the series."

If you're wondering if this truly does have the power to occupy your little ones in a pinch, be comforted by the fact that Lil' Farmers was developed by the team at Daredevil Entertainment who worked on other games based on Bob the Builder, Paddington Bear, and more. These guys know how to bewitch little minds (we mean that in the best way). Features include:

  • A welcoming and intuitive experience with no text to read – a perfect playset for pre-schoolers.

  • Grow veggies in the vegetable patch; plant seeds and help them grow them with tender loving care!

  • Shear sheep, collect eggs, milk your cow and more, as you care for and nurture all of your animals.

  • Keep the locals happy by providing a wide range of produce in your farm shop.