Fortnite: How to Get the Aquaman, Arthur Curry, and Black Manta Skins

Fortnite’s Aquaman crossover has finally peaked with the Aquaman skin modeled after Jason Mamoa’s version of the character now in the game, assuming you’ve been keeping up with all of your challenges over the past few weeks. Joining the base Aquaman skin are some other cosmetics like a variant of the same skin and a completely separate cosmetic for Black Manta. Some additional cosmetics other than just player skins have been released, and you can add all of them to your collections with a mix of V-Bucks spending and completed challenges.

The Aquaman event has been going on for a while now just like the Deadpool event did when it was live, so players have had some time to catch up with all their Battle Pass challenges to get the grand prize. If you haven’t been keeping up, you’ve still got time. The skins earned through those challenges will remain available to players who complete the tasks.

But for those players who haven’t had any trouble completing their weekly challenges save for some challenges that were bugged at first, you can get all the skins now. Below you’ll find the requirements for each of the three main Aquaman skins available now.


The easiest skin to get from the event is the base Aquaman skin, the one that sees the hero clad in his normal outfit as you’d see him appear on the big screen. The trident is optional since you can have him hold any kind of pickaxe, but you’ll get the trident at the same time as the skin if you’re up to date on your challenges.

That’s because you’ll have to find the trident to get the skin. The final challenge standing in the way of you and Aquaman tasks players with locating the trident in a match, but it’s thankfully a pretty easy process. Head to Coral Cove and you’ll find three small islands that are basically just rocks in the water. The trident has a chance to spawn on any of those three, so check them quickly to get the trident and get your skin.

Arthur Curry (Aquaman Variant)

Another version of the Aquaman skin exists as well. It’s a tattooed, shirtless version of the hero that you may recall seeing from the Battle Pass trailer long ago. If you’ve got the normal Aquaman skin, you can get this one.


Once you’ve acquired Aquaman, put on the outfit and head into another match. You’ll want to then go to Gorgeous Gorge and find the waterfall. The challenge asks players to dive over that waterfall while wearing the Aquaman outfit, and once you do, you’ll get the alternate style.

Black Manta

The last of the three main cosmetics from the event is the Black Manta skin. Aquaman’s villain was the last one to be added to the game based on the skins that are currently available, and it can’t be acquired through challenges. Instead, you’ll have to pay 1,500 V-Bucks to add the skin to your locker. A pair of Manta Blades is also available in the Item Shop right now for an additional 800 V-Bucks to complete the look.