Fortnite's Deadpool Skin Is Live, Here's How to Unlock It

Fortnite players can finally dress up as Deadpool in the battle royale game now that the hero's skin is officially live with only one more set of challenges required to unlock it. Those Week 7 challenges followed several weeks of tasks from before that asked players to find Deadpool's lost items within the game's Battle Pass hub area and then to perform actions in actual matches, and the Week 7 challenges call for more of the same. Assuming you've done the rest of the weeks' challenges and then complete the ones for Week 7, you'll have the Deadpool skin ready to wear in all your future matches.

The challenges were supposed to go live around the same time they usually do on Friday, but a delay meant that players couldn't access the most important challenges of the whole Deadpool adventure when they needed to. Those issues continued throughout the day on Friday but have now been resolved, so Fortnite players who own this season's Battle Pass are free to finish their tasks and get the skin.

To complete the Week 7 challenges, all you have to do is first find Deadpool's pistols and then go into a Fortnite match and enter either a phone booth or a port-a-potty. Finding those pistols is as simple as looking in Meowscle's room and in the main hub of the Battle Pass menu, but if you're still having a hard time spotting them, players have again put together infographics like the one below that show exactly where these pistols are located.

Once you've got those pistols, head into a game and find either a phone booth or a toilet to visit, jump in, jump out, and if you've done every other challenge from past weeks in the way that you should've, you'll unlock the Deadpool skin that players have been working towards.


Before all the issues with the challenges prevented players from getting the skin on time, Epic Games welcomed Deadpool to Fortnite with the trailer at the top that announced his arrival. The trailer shows off what Deadpool will look like in-game, but once you complete the Week 7 challenges, you can see that outfit for yourself.