Fortnite: Hilarious Glitch Makes Players Super Tiny

A midget?? Has this happened to anyone else? from r/FortNiteBR Glitches in online games are [...]

A midget?? Has this happened to anyone else? from r/FortNiteBR

Glitches in online games are inevitable. Sometimes they can be a real pain, other times they can be downright hilarious. In the case of Fortnite, one player captured a game clip of one of the funnier ones that turns enemy players into wee little things. Not only is it comedic, but kind of impressive that he still landed the kill.

In the clip above, you can see Reddit user 'thebeanhasarrived' (epic name, by the way) face off against another player coming down the ramp. At first glance, it almost looks like falling debris but nope ... it's another player. In case you missed it the first time, the Redditor was even kind of enough to replay it in slow-mo to see the cute little Victory Royale hopeful in action.

The comments were equally hilarious, though one player suggested it might be a glitch concerning a mobile player. Another stated that the player model went invisible and that it's known to happen from time to time. When this activates, the adorable little vision of cuteness (that still has to die) will be seen in-game.

Epic Games hasn't made any mention that they are even aware of the glitch, but as long as it doesn't affect their ability to take a hit, we'll file this one under "funny, but not game breaking."

Speaking of game-breaking issues, we've got a sneak peak at what will be addressed in the upcoming patch for v3.5. Though we don't have the full breakdown as of yet, our previous coverage details some of the bugs that are in the pipeline for a fix. Take a look at some of the targeted areas below:

Battle Royale:

  • Unable to edit structures
    • UPDATE 04-03-2018: For players that previously won a match but didn't get the umbrella, we granted a make good with the umbrellas included. Players that have the umbrella already might have still seen the make good message, but won't get duplicate umbrellas.

      We are still investigating root cause.

  • First win does not grant umbrella
  • Problems with being able to unnmute players while crossplaying
  • Rendering delays
  • Stats not being displayed properly
  • General console fixes*
    • As far as we can tell the root cause is blocking loads and we are pursuing two approaches to improve the situation.

      1. Making sure we are not blocking on file I/O and removing cases where we incorrectly are.

      2. Improving load speed.

      The latter is done by re-ordering our assets on HDD which requires shipping a large patch on PS4 and Xbox One. This is currently planned for v3.5.

  • Floating weapons glitch that inhibits firing*
  • Random controller vibrations*
  • Rabbit Raider outfit bug*

Save the World:

  • Hitch occurs when another player joins the session
  • Unable to load into the Storm Shield
  • Stuck at Loot Llama Quest
  • Chat options functionality issues*
  • Squad slots reportedly being blocked*
  • "Air Quotes" Quest credit glitch*
  • Lag concerning item pickups*

The above issues are all player-reported, and the ones marked with a * will be targeted in the latest update from the team over at Epic Games. The ones not marked are still slated for an immediate fix, though they are still "under investigation" and could be pushed back until a later update.

To see the full descriptions of all of the problems being addressed, check out the Fortnite Trello right here.