Fortnite Chapter 2 Finale Event Confirmed for December

After weeks of speculation, leaks, and rumors, Epic Games finally confirmed today that Fortnite Chapter 2 will be coming to an end in early December. This conclusion will mark the second time that Fortnite has reset its seasonal structure, with Chapter 2 lasting eight full seasons in total. And while we now know that Chapter 2 will be reaching its conclusion in December, Epic has yet to say what fans can expect from Chapter 3 of Fortnite just yet. 

As a whole, Fortnite Chapter 2 will be reaching its end in a new event that Epic is referring to as "The End." This event will take place on December 4 at 4:00pm EDT/1:00pm PDT and will have players duking it out against The Cube Queen. "Everyone will be able to join parties of up to 16 players for this one-time only, in-game event, with the playlist available 30 minutes prior to the start so players can reserve their spot," Epic said of what players can expect from this conclusion. 

Per usual with events of this nature, it's worth mentioning that you should start to clean up any lingering quests that you might have as part of Fortnite Season 8. To aid with this endeavor, Epic Games has today given all players a free XP reward for simply logging in to Fortnite. In addition, a new "Power Leveling Weekend" will happen this coming weekend to help player grind out the remainder of their Battle Pass. 

As mentioned, with Fortnite Chapter 2 coming to an end, it stands to reason that Chapter 3 will be right around the corner. However, Epic Games has yet to say a single word about Chapter 3, leaving this next phase of the game a mystery for now. If this Chapter shift is anything like the last one that Fortnite went through, though, the game as a whole may be unavailable for a day or so while Epic pushes out all of the new changes. Whenever we learn more about what Chapter 3 will have in store, we'll be sure to keep you in the loop here on