Fortnite Event: Mysterious Hatches Are Opening Across the Map

With only a few more days to go before Fortnite’s big seasonal event in Chapter 2 Season 2, [...]

With only a few more days to go before Fortnite's big seasonal event in Chapter 2 Season 2, hatches around the battle royale game's map have begun opening up. Videos and screenshots shared on social media and in forums show different hatches opening up around the map as a timer ticks overhead and players try to figure out what's going to happen next. Bubbles were coming out of the hatches days ago ahead of this latest development which means we'll likely see even more changes take place until the timer completely counts down to the big Chapter 2 Season 2 event.

Players first began noticing more changes in Fortnite on Saturday, the weekend before the game's Device event is supposed to take place. Hatches opened and players started looking for more secrets to coincide with the ticking timer.

The video and screenshots below show what you'll find if you look for the hatches in different parts of the map.

Epic Games has also been teasing the event again recently. It shared a tweet through the Fortnite Twitter account that asked if the Storm can be "Broken," both those words capitalized on Epic's part to emphasize them. It mentioned a clock ticking and a plan in place which appear to be references to the timer and the Doomsday Device-focused event that is to come.

What these teasers mean for the future of Fortnite still remain to be seen. The Device event was supposed to have already happened but has since been pushed back to June 15th. Chapter 2 Season 3 was similarly pushed back to June 17th as well which was the latest of several delays the second season of Chapter 2 has experienced, but the next season's start at least won't be far behind the Device event now.

Look for more teasers in Fortnite in the days building up to the event, and be sure to hop into the game on June 15th to see what happens. We'll see more information about Chapter 2 Season 3 on or before June 17th.