Fortnite Leak Hints at Future of the Doomsday Device

The ever-changing Fortnite is building up to some seemingly big event once again with a new series of datamining efforts revealing what the Doomsday Device will eventually look like. Cables have started appearing in-game already with more expected to be added in the future based on what’s been found in the game’s files. It’s unclear how long the process will take or what the result will be once the series of events is finished, but if any of Fortnite’s past events are an indication of what’s to come, the Doomsday Device and its impact on the game will be fully realized soon.

This device is one players have seen hints of if they’ve got the game’s Battle Pass, but like most Fortnite mysteries, there’s not much to say about the teasers so far unless something else happens or dataminers potentially figure something out. Twitter user HYPEX took a look into the game’s files and managed to enable all the cables in the Battle Pass room so that hey pulsed behind the characters players would normally find there.

But that’s of course not the end of the Doomsday Device’s progression. It was also discovered that the cables and tubes appearing throughout the Battle Pass menu’s area would be accented with electricity and smoke effects eventually.

What comes after that isn’t known yet and likely won’t be revealed until more datamining efforts look to show what’s coming or Epic Games reveals its plans. The Fortnite creator doesn’t typically spell out what’s happening during the game’s big seasonal events though, so it looks like players will have to hope for more leaks like this one to piece things together ahead of time. Those datamines always only reveal a partial picture though, so it’s still difficult to make assumptions about what will happen until it actually does happen.

Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 2 is scheduled to end in June following a delay that pushed back Season 3.