Fortnite Fan-Made Black Panther Skin Brings Killmonger Into the Game

Fortnite has blown up in the gaming world ever since they added their free-to-play Battle Royale [...]

Fortnite has blown up in the gaming world ever since they added their free-to-play Battle Royale mode to the game. It seems that every week there's a new record that Epic Games has smashed through, so it's understandable that the players that enjoy the title are all up in that hype action.

One way dedicated fans can share their appreciation is with their own designs of what they'd like to see in the game. There of tons of ways players all over the world have done this, we've even highlighted quite a few ourselves (how can you forget that epic 'The Dude' skin?), but the latest comes at the perfect timing for Black Panther fans.

When the Black Panther film hit theaters, fans were treated with learning more about the King of Wakanda. In antithesis to that, we also saw the struggle of the movie's villain; Killmonger. Without giving any spoilers away, his journey was definitely tumultuous as he challenged the very way of life for Wakandans. Luckily, this fan-concept of the Marvel baddie is less about societal struggle and more about just having a really sweet looking skin:

(Photo: 'Zmandella' via Reddit)

You can almost hear him saying "Hey, Auntie." The Reddit user did a fantastic job at bringing the Marvel villain to life in the world of Fortnite - and who knows? Maybe we'll see it happen? I mean, we did just get an epic Avengers: Infinity War crossover where players could become Thanos himself. We're pretty sure Epic Games is capable of throwing out another Marvel spin in the future. We just have to wish real hard.

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That's not the only design to come from Reddit and we're laughing a little harder than we should at these 'The Dude' and 'V for Vendetta' fan concepts. We could totally see the clever weapon names in the game, that cheekiness is real and we love it. Could you imagine getting headshot from The Dude in a bush? The joke writes itself, really.

The Sneaky Bros, the creators behind the designs seen here, have done similar work in the past with fan designs for Fortnite. They've created Terminator and Breaking Bad concept in the past, and amazingly so as well! With John Wick having officially dropped, this does pose an interesting question of what we'd like to see come in future updates. Would you want The Dude? Maybe a Star Wars inspired look? The possibilities of fandom are endless.

Of course before we get too excited we do have to keep in mind licensing constraints. The above fan artwork isn't official and it's not (to our knowledge) coming to the game anytime soon. It's all in good fun. Now if Epic Games could get those licenses ... we're just saying, we'd be here for it.