Free Fortnite Items Now Available for PlayStation Plus Subscribers

Fortnite players who are playing on the PlayStation 4 can pick up yet another Celebration Pack containing two different pieces of loot. This latest one released on Friday features both the “Introducing…” emote and the Stratosphere glider as well as the Down Arrow contrail. These items are free for everyone to collect and can be obtained by heading to the PlayStation Store or visiting the marketplace on your console and downloading the Celebration Pack. The only catch is that you need to have an active PlayStation Plus subscription to redeem the offer, but that shouldn’t be a problem for most users.

The latest Celebration Pack can be found here if you’re interested in signing into your PlayStation account and getting the loot. Once you download the pack, you should find the emote, glider, and contrail in your in-game lockers for you to use in your next matches.

A preview of the Fortnite loot was shared by the official PlayStation Twitter account to show what each of the items would look like. Videos of the “Introducing…” emote have been shared on social media as well to show what it’ll look like when you use it.

The quality and popularity of these Fortnite items obviously won’t be able to compete with some of the bigger cosmetic crossovers and releases like the ongoing Aquaman event, but free is free. These sorts of Fortnite releases for PlayStation Plus subscribers and other types of users across different platforms like mobile happen frequently enough, so anyone who’s stayed subscribed to PlayStation Plus for a while now will have several items from Celebration Packs in their lockers. Emotes, skins, and other items are occasionally given out to certain mobile users if they’re playing on a specific device as well, so if you’re playing Fortnite on more than one device, there’s a good chance you can get multiple exclusives.

Along with the ongoing Aquaman content, Fortnite also welcomed Captain America into the game not long ago for July 4th. Skins like these and other routinely appear in the Item Shop for players to purchase, but only for a limited time, so keep an eye on the rotation to make sure you don’t miss anything that interests you.