‘Fortnite’ Getting an Exclusive HONOR Guard Skin

Now that Epic Games has made a fortune with its hit multiplayer game Fortnite, it can team up with [...]

Now that Epic Games has made a fortune with its hit multiplayer game Fortnite, it can team up with folks to bring great promotions to it. We've already seen them pair up with Marvel last summer, bringing Thanos to the game in time for Infinity War. And now it's paired up with HONOR, with a new outfit to celebrate the company's forthcoming View20 Android device.

The outfit was revealed today during the company's device reveal, which will showcase the fastest speed for Fortnite to date, running at a smooth 60 frames per second. That's unprecedented on the mobile front.

As a bonus for those that purchase the device, a special HONOR Guard Skin will be given away to players, featuring a solid blue leather design with spikes laden across the gloves and straps, along with a matching helmet, pants and boots. You can see the full outfit in the reveal slide below.

Fortnite 2

HONOR touted the partnership on its social page, saying, "Fortnite fans fall-in! You'd be pleased to know that #HONORView20 will be the 1st Android phone to support Fortnite in 60 FPS mode," it said. "As part of this partnership, owners of #HONORView20 will have exclusive access to the #HONOR Guard Fortnite Skin. Details to follow! #SeetheUnseen"

This is Epic's latest team-up with a mobile company for exclusive giveaways, as it previously paired with Samsung and NVIDIA with their respective versions of Fortnite.

Some specs have also been revealed about the View20 version of Fortnite, which runs at 59.13 FPS average frame rate, with 2.82 percent jitter rate and 0.2 percent low frame rate. That means it'll run at maximum efficiency, which is good news for gamers on the go.

A release date hasn't been provided for the HONOR costume just yet, but it should be available immediately after users pick up the new View20 device. It likely won't be available with other versions of the game, but you never know…

It does look like a great outfit; and it provides a decent incentive for those that have been looking for a better way to take their Fortnite sessions with them wherever they go. Will you be picking it up? Let me know on Twitter at @TheDCD!

Fortnite is also available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and other mobile devices.