'Fortnite' Players Are Countering the Infinity Blade with Balloons

Fortnite’s new Infinity Blade is tearing games apart as it rips through anyone in its way, but [...]

Fortnite's new Infinity Blade is tearing games apart as it rips through anyone in its way, but players have already found a way to counter it by using Balloons to put some distance between them and sword-wielders.

The Infinity Blade deletes enemies in a single swing and lets its wielders regenerate health, two features that make it a formidable weapon on its own. It also rips through enemy structures, so there's hardly any use building against it either. But there's only so much an Infinity Blade user can do against someone who's up in the air, so that's why players are keeping some Balloons in their inventories in case they run across the sword users.

Professional Cloud9 Fortnite player and streamer Jacob "Hysteria" Reiser shared the clip below on Twitter to show how effective the Balloons were against someone wielding the Infinity Blade. Those who have the sword can catch some air themselves with lunging attacks that send them flying through the air, but it's still difficult to match the verticality the Balloons offer. It was down to just Reiser and one last player for the win, and the tables turned so that the Infinity Blade user was the one frantically building to keep the streamer away.

Another Twitter user shared a clip showing a similar outcome for someone wielding the Infinity Blade, the sword swinger unable to do anything against someone high up with the Balloons. The player took to the air and tore down everything the other player built with the Infinity Blade user unable to get anywhere near them.

These clips are just some evidence shared so far of the ways players are countering the Infinity Blade with Balloons. Other highly-upvoted clips within the game's most active subreddit pointed to the Balloons once again as one of the most viable options against the sword.

There is still a huge downside to using the Balloons though: They'll mostly only work well against an Infinity Blade if players are in a 1v1 situation. Float that high in the air while there are more than two players around and you'll likely get picked off by someone else, especially if your attention is focused on the Infinity Blade.

Fortnite's Infinity Blade is now available for players to pick up in-game.