Fortnite Leak Hints at New Dragon Ball Item

Though we haven't actually seen any known assets from the rumored Fortnite x Dragon Ball collaboration just yet, we've heard plenty about what's supposed to be included in the crossover. One of those components of the crossover is supposedly going to be an item – likely a consumable – that players will be able to use to alter movement alongside other effects. Epic Games still has not confirmed any plans for such a collab, however, so we're still left to speculation and theories at this time.

Weeks ago, something was spotted in the game's files that looked as close to a confirmation of the Dragon Ball crossover as anything we've seen. It was an object resembling a capsule of some sort, and though it wasn't named explicitly and didn't share a logo identical to the one used by Dragon Ball's fictional Capsule Corp. company, the similarities were close enough to lead many people to think it was indeed a Capsule Corp. reference.

Now, we might have a better idea of what this item might do. Twitter user and Fortnite news source HYPEX tweeted about a new item this week by referring to it as a "Stamina" item. It was speculated that it could be related to the capsules referenced previously, and as far as guesses go, that's not a bad conclusion to come to.

The Twitter user elaborated on the supposed use of the item and said that it may alter movement which presumably means either going faster, jumping higher, or a combination of the two. When using it, you also won't be able to ride animals or use geysers, so one would assume it'd have to have comparable effects to warrant sacrificing the use of those features even if it's a temporary effect.

Those familiar with Dragon Ball throughout its various series will recall, however, that the capsules created by Capsule Corp typically house physical objects like vehicles which are made more transportable by the technology. It's not as common to see them boasting effects like pill-like stimulants despite what their design would suggest, but there are instances of them using rejuvenating effects such as those of a Senzu Bean. That said, it could very well be that this "Stamina" item will indeed be a Senzu Bean, and the capsules could be something else entirely, but we won't know for sure until Epic Games starts talking more about its plans.