Fortnite Leak Hints at Dragon Ball Crossover

Fortnite may finally be getting a Dragon Ball crossover in the future if some leaked assets are anything to go off of. Files found within the game included what appears to be a capsule with a distinct logo on it reminiscent of the Capsule Corp. logo from the Dragon Ball franchise. No specific characters have leaked or been officially announced, however, so it's unclear who, exactly, might make it into Fortnite should the Dragon Ball collab actually happen.

The usual go-to sources for Fortnite leaks and news shared on social media indications that this Dragon Ball collab might happen. The image below from HYPEX showed a Fortnite asset depicting a capsule which appeared to have the Capsule Corp logo on its center. If it were the logo or the capsule separate from one another, it might be more ambiguous, but considering how they're used in tandem, it seems quite likely this is indeed a Dragon Ball reference of sorts.

Fellow Twitter user ShiinaBR shared hints about a Dragon Ball collab, too, by saying that they'd heard about a possible Dragon Ball crossover last year. Though it was presumed canceled, the new addition to the game's files has reignited hopes that this will indeed happen.

As others have already pointed out, the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie is scheduled to release in North America in August 19th. While that's not a guarantee that that's when the collab will happen (assuming it does actually happen), it would make sense for this crossover to drop around that time if it was indeed in the works. Considering how the Dragon Ball Super movie was delayed, that altered release date may also make sense in the context of ShiinaBR's comments about discussions from last year regarding the collab.

Even if it is to serve as a tie-in for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the most likely candidate for a guest character is of course Goku. Seeing Goku wield a gun and other equipment from Fortnite might be a strange sight, but there's no other character from the Dragon Ball franchise who has a better shot at getting in than he does.