Leaked 'Fortnite' Video Appears to Hint at New Ice King Event

One of Fortnite’s newest leaks after the most recent update went live appears to have shown off [...]

One of Fortnite's newest leaks after the most recent update went live appears to have shown off the first part of what's expected to be an in-game event coming soon.

Talk about a potentially leaked ice storm event picked up on Tuesday when dataminers took a look at the game's files which detailed different icy challenges players had to complete. Following those initial efforts, Twitter users lucas7yoshi_ and ShiinaBR hyped up the reveal of the video below that showed the massive ice sphere that's now looming above the map, but there's more going on with it in the video compared to what's seen in-game after the latest update.

While it's difficult to peer inside the sphere currently, the video above appears to show what's to come with the Ice King seemingly nestled inside the sphere as he conjures up some icy magic between his hands. The video takes viewers inside the sphere to show a close-up of both the character and his actions.

What's also interesting is that the outside of the sphere has more symbols floating around it. They're only present on a quarter of the object in the video shown above, but the information provided by the two Twitter users in their tweets alleges that this video appears to reveal the "first part" of an in-game event that's to come.

In response to some concerns about whether or not Epic Games might take issue with the Twitter users sharing the videos after pulling the scenes from the game's files, one of the users defended their actions by saying they didn't see this as a violation and that anyone could do it. The person who's credited with helping pull the video from the game isn't sharing any details on how they did it though.

Fortnite's new event related to the sphere is currently the subject of speculation since Epic Games hasn't confirmed anything yet, but expect to see some strange happenings with the object as the season progresses.