Fortnite Leaks Reveal New Marvel and DC Skins

It's been a busy morning for Fortnite fans, as a host of new Marvel and DC skins have surfaced [...]

It's been a busy morning for Fortnite fans, as a host of new Marvel and DC skins have surfaced online before their official reveals, and we didn't just get titles or characters either, but full-on reveals of the character models. Marvel previously teased they were doing more with Fortnite in the future, and that seems to be tied to a new Marvel: Royalty & Warriors pack (via @ShiinaBR and @Guille_GAG), and thus far the pack includes Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and Taskmaster. On the DC side of things, the latest addition is Green Arrow, though this skin is based on the CW DC television version played by Stephen Amell, and we even got new gameplay to go with his character skin (via @arusaurZ_YT), which you can check out below.

Starting from the top, first we have the Captain Marvel skin, which looks pretty slick and features a Carol with longer hair and her sash intact. Next we have Black Panther, who also packs a sleek costume, and the cowl especially looks great. Last but certainly not least is Taskmaster, who again looks right out of the comics, though the mask seems to have received some tweaks.

You can check them all out above and below, and the pack comes with the description "Warriors can be formed for any reason, whether it be a king's responsibility, a soldier's duty or a hired gun's price."

As for Green Arrow, it seems the skin was unlocked early on PS4 in some instances, as there are already some playing as DC's fave archer. The character has his quiver of arrows and even has the option of using a pickaxe themed after one of his trademark arrows, the punching glove one to be specific.

Now, we didn't see back bling or accessories for the Marvel characters, but if I don't get Chewie popping out of a Hala star themed backpack I will feel robbed. That's more of a personal thing but hey, you leave me be.

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