Fortnite Rumored to Get "No Build" Mode

If a reliable Fortnite leaker is to be believed, developer Epic Games is working on a "No Build" limited-time mode that could be introduced in the near future. What that actually looks like, if real, remains to be seen, but it seems safe to say that it would make for an interesting mode given how influential the ability to build structures during play has been over the years.

The "reminder" that Epic Games is working on some kind of "No Build" mode was shared by prominent leaker HYPEX at the end of last year. Essentially, this would make the title more of a traditional battle royale shooter, and arguably, while still sometimes contentious, the fact remains that the ability to build structures during combat really sets Fortnite apart from other titles.

Whether this ever comes to fruition, there's no guarantee that it would stick around for any significant length of time. Limited-time modes are, by their very nature, brief, and while they can serve as a testbed for long-lasting changes, that is not always the case. It's also always a possibility that while some kind of "No Build" mode might be getting worked on by the developer, it could ultimately never see the light of day beyond some files in the backend for leakers to uncover.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1: Flipped is currently available. As noted above, there is no telling when the rumored "No Build" limited-time mode might be added, if at all. As for Fortnite in general, the popular free-to-play battle royale video game is currently available on most major platforms in its latest form save for the iOS version. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Fortnite right here.    

What do you think about the possibility that Fortnite could add some kind of "No Build" limited-time mode in the future? Is that something you would like to see added to the popular video game? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to reach out and hit me up directly over on Twitter at @rollinbishop to talk about all things gaming!