Fortnite Rumor Teases Addition of Peacemaker From The Suicide Squad

Hot off the heels of Bloodsport making his way into Fortnite, it looks like another character from The Suicide Squad could be coming to the popular battle royale title in the future. While this character's release might still be a few months out from launching, though, their addition should come at a time that makes a whole lot more sense.

Specifically, the next Suicide Squad character that seems likely to come to Fortnite is that of Peacemaker. This information comes by way of an insider who is said to have previously reported on the addition of Bloodsport to the game prior to his official addition. As such, the fact that they have a solid track record and are now asserting that Peacemaker will be coming in the future means that there is a good chance that this will come to fruition.

As mentioned, though, it sounds as though Peacemaker's arrival in Fortnite might not come about until early 2022. The reason for this, however, is because of the HBO Max TV series featuring the character that is set to premiere around that time. Rather than releasing Peacemaker in the near future, it sounds as though those over at Warner Bros. and DC Comics would prefer to delay his addition to Fortnite until it can coincide with this TV show's debut. That sort of cross-promotion is quite believable and makes a lot of sense on paper.

Per usual with rumors of this type, it's important to take everything with the typical grain of salt. Given that this rumor carries some weight with it though given who brought the information forward, it sounds like you can safely get your hopes up for Peacemaker's arrival in the future.


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