Fortnite Update Adds a New Mythic Weapon

Fortnite’s got a new Mythic weapon now following the game’s latest update, and while the [...]

Fortnite's got a new Mythic weapon now following the game's latest update, and while the weapon is indeed a threat to other players, it's an even bigger problem for any structures that might be in its way. The weapon in question is called the "Plasma Cannon," and it can be found now in Fortnite or crafted if you have the right materials to unleash its power against players and their builds.

Like a lot of things that come to Fortnite, players had already seen hints of the Plasma Cannon before. Details shared on the weapon on Tuesday following the game's latest update confirmed what the Plasma Cannon was capable of and said its plasma balls dealt heavy damage to other players even though they moved slowly.

"Found from IO Chests and normal ones, the Plasma Cannon has enough energy to fire five plasma balls," Epic Games said about the new weapon. "What's the big deal about these? An electrical dome will surround them as they slowly move forward, and enemies who get caught in the dome will take heavy damage and be impulsed back. Vehicles are affected in the same way. Tip: if you find a way to keep enemies in the dome even when impulsed, they will take repeated damage."

But it's the damage against structures that really seems to make this new weapon shine. In the video above, you'll see what Epic Games is talking about when it says that the new Mythic weapon can destroy structures "just about instantly." The notes for the update also described how players can make the Mythic weapon themselves if they've got the right materials.

"How the Plasma Cannon affects buildings is a different story. Fearing Aliens may prove to be advanced architects, the IO made it so that the Plasma Cannon destroys structures just about instantly. The Plasma Cannon can be crafted in addition to being found. Because the IO used Alien technology to invent it, it can be crafted by combining a Legendary Pistol with an Alien Nanite."

Fortnite's new Mythic weapon is now available for players to find about the map or to craft themselves, so expect to see plenty of plasma balls coasting around the map.