Fortnite Reveals New Teaser Ahead of Season 6 Launch

If you're a massive fan of Fortnite, you're surely well-aware of what is going to be happening [...]

If you're a massive fan of Fortnite, you're surely well-aware of what is going to be happening this week. Today marks the final day of Season 5 for the popular battle royale title with Season 6 setting up to kick off tomorrow. And while we still don't know everything that Season 6 will have in store once it begins, Epic Games is providing prospective players with one more tease prior to its arrival.

Over on Twitter this morning, Epic released a new image of Season 6 of Fortnite that has gotten many fans quite excited. While the image in question doesn't reveal too much, it features the game's central "protagonist" Jonesy as he is tying a headband around his forehead. The foreground of the picture is largely blurred out, but it seems to feature the iconic Fortnite island in disarray. "If they won't give us what we want. Then we'll take it ourselves," the caption said alongside the image.

In addition to this new tease, the Fortnite account also posted a link to a new YouTube video. While not live just yet, this video will introduce the storyline that Season 6 of Fortnite is going to follow. Much like past videos of this ilk, it should feature Jonesy in a very prominent role and will set the stage (and theme) for this coming season of Fortnite. The video itself is set to go live surprisingly early, however, and will drop at 4:00am EDT/1:00am PDT tomorrow morning.

It remains to be seen which iconic new characters from popular media will be joining Fortnite in Season 6, but we'll likely get our first look at some major new characters when this trailer drops. And if you were worried about not being able to play Season 6 for yourself, you shouldn't have to. The new wave of content for Fortnite will be arriving simultaneously across all platforms which includes PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Be sure to stay tuned to tomorrow as we'll be bringing all of the latest news on Fortnite Season 6 to you as we learn more about what it will have in store!