Fortnite Players Already Completed One of Season 8's New Objectives

Despite the fact that Fortnite's newest season of content has only been out for a couple of days now, players have already managed to band together to complete one of the new season's community objectives. Players worked with one another to donate their Gold Bars at Donation Boards in an effort to construct Mounted Turrets that players will then be able to use. Epic Games confirmed this week that one Turret Station has been built but reminded players that there's still more to do.

The tweet below was shared by the official Fortnite Twitter account this week to show what players had accomplished by donating their Gold Bars. Over in the Boney Burbs area of the map, there was a Donation Board which asked players to fork over Gold Bars in exchange for a permanent Mounted Turret placement. Players were generous enough to share their resources which means the Turret Station's now up and running. Games confirmed in a follow-up tweet that over 2.4 billion Gold Bars had been donated already, so it seems like players are definitely in a giving mood. That's a good thing, too, since Epic Games reminded people that there are still more Turret Stations around the map to be constructed, so the Gold Bar donations won't end with the one at Boney Burbs unless everyone just collectively decides not to donate any longer.

For those who missed out on the arrival of the Turret Stations and weren't sure what to do with them, Epic Games explained in the Season 8 overview the purpose of these Donation Boards and what players could expect from them. Turret Stations aren't the extend of the rewards for donating Gold Bars either seeing how players will apparently be able to decide which weapons they want to unvault in Season 8 based on their donations.

"Your first act of influence? With fellow Loopers across the Island, donate the Bars you earn to construction sites where you want to see Turret Stations built up," Epic Games said. "In the future, we'll need you to come together and decide which new weapons to develop, which ones to unvault, and more."


While part two of that community project hasn't happened yet, what'll most likely happen is we'll see multiple Donation Boards put up around the map once more. Instead of advertising Turret Stations, they'll likely advertise one vaulted weapon each. By visiting a particular board and donating Gold Bars, players should be able to cast their votes for which weapons they'd like to see unvaulted.

Fortnite's Season 8 has only just begun, so expect to see many more donations in the future.