Fortnite Reveals Details of Upcoming Spring Breakout Event

For the first time ever, Epic Games is going to hold a new event in Fortnite to celebrate the [...]

For the first time ever, Epic Games is going to hold a new event in Fortnite to celebrate the emergence of spring. The appropriately titled Spring Breakout event is set to kick off later this week but ahead of that time, the studio has revealed everything that it will have in store for players over the course of its run.

Spring Breakout is set to kick off tomorrow on Tuesday, March 30th, and it will run until next week on April 7th. The event is going to add a number of new quests, items, and weapons for players within Fortnite to check out. Speaking to the new outfits, in particular, the assortment is mainly comprised of various duck and bunny costumes. In addition, Bunny Brawler, Rabbit Raider, and Quackling will also be making a return to the storefront this week.

While all of this on its own might sound great, Epic will also be holding the Spring Breakout Cup later this week on Friday, April 2nd, for those who want to test out their Fortnite skills against other players. The tournament will be for duos and will give you three hours to complete 10 different matches. Those who score the most points in each region of the server will then gain access to the creepy-looking Webster outfit prior to its official arrival in the store. The reward will also include a new piece of Mecha-Feather backbling.

Last but not least, Spring Breakout is also including an at-home element this time around. For those who are into cosplay, you can download and print off a number of different templates from the Epic website to create your own character masks. It's a fun little silver lining to this event and is surely something that I imagine kids will get a kick out of.

Again, Spring Breakout will kick off tomorrow and will be live across all iterations of Fortnite for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile.

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