Fortnite Gets The Northman Movie Crossover

Fortnite now has a level that's inspired by the upcoming Robert Eggers film, The Northman. The new Viking film has a star-studded cast led by Alexander Skarsgård and certainly makes for a unique addition to Fortnite. The film appears to be very adult-oriented with heavy violence and a dark storyline about murder and revenge. It also comes from a director who is known for crafting very prestigious, arthouse films like The Witch and The Lighthouse, but The Northman seems to be a play at a much larger, mainstream audience given its a big Viking epic.

A new Fortnite custom game known as Vengeance has been created by gaming firm Loaded in association with The Northman distributor Focus Features. The RPG is inspired by The Northman and features over 20 hours of epic battles, quests, and exploration (via Screen Rant). A brief trailer shows the epic sprawling nature of The Northman-inspired game and shows the protagonist battling various creatures and warriors. Focus Features specifically noted that this is not an official tie-in with Epic Games, as the developer has previously featured skins and events to tie-in with films like Spider-Man: No Way Home and Dune. Nonetheless, it's a cool creation and goes to show how Fortnite is being used as a marketing tool for other products. Players can jump in to Vengeance with the following island code: 6089-1011-3272.

Although many associate Fortnite as a battle royale game, there are a bunch of custom made maps and game types that allow players to do more than just fight to be the last team standing. Last year, M. Night Shyamalan's Old also got a map inspired by its mysterious beach that causes visitors to rapidly age. To see this much effort being put in to create a playable promotional experience, not to mention something that is akin to the length of a major release, is incredibly impressive. If these tie-ins prove to be successful, it wouldn't be surprising to see more film studios adopting this approach to marketing.

The Northman releases in theaters on April 22nd, 2022 and is being praised by critics. You can read ComicBook's review of the film here.

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