Play or Own 8 PS4, Xbox One, and PC Games for Free This Weekend

The first weekend of a new month is always a big one for free PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC games, and this weekend is no different now that September is underway and a bunch of free games are now available. We’ve got this month’s free PlayStation Plus games to try out and part of the Xbox Games with Gold giveaways to download while Steam and the Epic Games Store continue their trends of games you can either keep or play for free. Like all the weekly giveaways though, the games have limits on how long you have to download them, so it’s best to get what you want from the free games before they’re unavailable.

Like every month, the big headliners for this weekend’s giveaways are the PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold games. Gone are the likes of Fall Guys and Portal Knights from August as we welcome new games for each platform that are available now for free so long as you have the PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold, or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions required to get them.

Xbox doesn’t appear to be having its Free Play Days promotion this weekend to bolster the lineup of free games, but we’ve thankfully got Ubisoft stepping up to offer some of its most popular games for free even if the ones being given away are a bit dated now. A Ubisoft Forward event is planned for next week, so now’s the perfect opportunity to get reacquainted with some of Ubisoft’s catalog before then.

Whatever platform you have at your disposal or interest in Ubisoft games you may have, you can find everything available for free this weekend below along with dates for when the offers end and any subscriptions you may need where applicable.


PlayStation 4 (PlayStation Plus subscription required)

  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – Free to own until October 5th
  • Street Fighter V – Free to own until October 5th

Xbox One (Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions required)

  • The Division – Free to own until September 30th
  • de Blob 2 – Free to own until September 15th

PC (Accounts needed, no subscriptions required)

  • The Division – Free to own through Uplay until September 7th
  • Far Cry 3 – Free to own through Uplay, workaround required
  • Into the Breach – Free to own through the Epic Games Store until September 10th
  • Warhammer Underworlds: Online – Free to play until September 7th
  • SoundSelf: A Technodelic – Free to play until September 7th

Many of these games will still be available for free next weekend, but expect more to be available by then alongside the ones we already know about.