Friday The 13th: The Game Gets The Honest Trailer Treatment

Smosh Games’ Honest Trailers and Honest Game Trailers on YouTube can be a lot of fun, as they [...]

Smosh Games' Honest Trailers and Honest Game Trailers on YouTube can be a lot of fun, as they break down a lot of the problematic issues with movies and games in the best way possible. And this week is no exception, as the team tackled Friday the 13th: The Game in its latest episode of Honest Game Trailers.

In it, Smosh addresses a lot of the obvious issues with the game, which we pointed out with impressions a while back. First things first, only being able to play as Jason Voorhees about twelve percent of the time, compared to playing a camper "like Biff or something" the rest of the time, scrambling to get away from him when he magically appears via teleportation. It's true – being Jason is way more fun than trying to run around as a camper that screams all the time.

Oh, yeah, and the Honest Game Trailer also points out the pure joy of the kills that Voorhees executes in Friday the 13th, though they can be a bit gruesome. "Eew," indeed.

But perhaps most importantly, the team talks about the online servers. The developers behind the game have been working hard to stabilize these, as well as the online glitches that are also pointed out in the Honest Trailer, but, yeah, they're still hard to miss. Eventually, though, they'll be sorted out, and then we can go back to the adult version of "hide and seek," as the trailer puts it.

The trailer, which lasts about a good four-or-something minutes, is good fun to watch, and I love the way the narrator suggests that we get a change in locale somewhere down the road – a Jason X related map where we can murder "space teens." Hey, we're down with that – there's only so much you can do on the campground.

You can watch the Honest Game Trailer above, and indulge in the sheer madness of Jason killing everybody because of his magical powers or what-not. Hey, he was unstoppable in the films, so it just makes sense. Besides, as the narrator puts it, those campers probably deserve it anyway.

Friday the 13th is available now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.