Frogger Television Series Leaping on to Peacock

Konami's classic arcade game Frogger will become the basis for a new TV series on NBC's Peacock [...]

Konami's classic arcade game Frogger will become the basis for a new TV series on NBC's Peacock streaming service. According to Deadline, the series will be a competition show in which contestants travel through obstacle courses meant to evoke Frogger's gameplay. There will be 12 different courses in total, and they will feature a number of obstacles directly from Frogger, including gators, hippos, and oncoming traffic. Contestants will attempt to avoid these hazards in order to claim the show's cash prize. NBCUniversal has ordered 13 episodes of the series so far, which will be produced by Eureka Productions alongside Konami Cross Media NY.

As of this writing, few additional details have been revealed about the series, but it sounds like a unique take on the Frogger concept! Frogger is one of the most popular arcade games of all-time, inspiring a number of spin-offs, pop culture references, and even some blatant knock-offs. The game also has a lot of recognition among old-school video game enthusiasts, so it makes sense to see its spirit translated in this format.

Interestingly enough, this is not the first television series based on Frogger! In 1983, just two years after the arcade game debuted, CBS aired Saturday Supercade, an animated series comprised of shorts featuring popular arcade characters. The series featured staples like Donkey Kong, Mario, Pitfall Harry, and Frogger. Like the upcoming NBCUniversal series, the cartoon will also incorporate perils from the game, including gators and cars.

Konami is responsible for some of the biggest video games ever made, but the company has largely stepped back from producing new titles over the last few years. Instead, the publisher has put a bigger focus on other uses for its popular IP, such as the Castlevania series on Netflix, or the Silent Hill content that appeared in the Dead by Daylight video game. While this has come as a major disappointment to longtime fans of the company, Konami recently confirmed its commitment to video game development.

The new Frogger series definitely seems in keeping with Konami's current approach to its franchises, and it will be interesting to see if the series can channel the heart of the game!

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