Konami Statement Addresses Game Division Shut Down Rumors

Following news of a corporate restructure, Konami has clarified that it will not be dissolving its [...]

Following news of a corporate restructure, Konami has clarified that it will not be dissolving its gaming division. In a statement provided to IGN, a Konami representative claims that the restructure could actually help the company respond more quickly to its needs, as one potential obstacle has now been removed. "The Production Departments will report directly to upper management, allowing them to respond quickly to the market," the representative told IGN. Fans that worried this might have been a final nail in the coffin for Konami's video game department can now rest a bit easier, knowing that this could actually prove beneficial!

Fans can hardly be blamed for thinking that Konami might have been interested in leaving the gaming industry. Over the last few years the publisher's output has significantly dropped off, with a bigger focus on ports and compilation titles versus original games. Franchises like Silent Hill and Metal Gear have remained dormant, and rumors have circulated about other developers creating games based on both. Last year, Silent Hill fans were at least treated to content based on the series in Dead by Daylight, but rumors about a new game developed in-house by Sony have not panned out.

Konami was once one of the most highly-regarded publishers in the video game industry, but ballooning development costs inspired the company to put a greater focus on other aspects of its business. With less oversight thanks to the new restructure, it's possible that Konami could find it beneficial to get back into the industry in a bigger way. At the very least, it seems that Konami is keeping a closer eye on industry trends, and looking at the best possible ways to take advantage.

For now, fans of the publisher will simply have to wait to find out what might come next. The Silent Hill and Metal Gear franchises seem far too lucrative to disappear forever, but it's impossible to say what might come next, and whether or not it will be from an in-house developer, or from someone else entirely. Either way, fans will likely be waiting a bit longer for a new game from either series!

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