Frostpunk 2 Announced for PC

Developer 11 Bit Studios has revealed that its 2018 cult-classic strategy game, Frostpunk, is now [...]

Developer 11 Bit Studios has revealed that its 2018 cult-classic strategy game, Frostpunk, is now officially getting a follow-up installment. The aptly titled Frostpunk 2 was revealed by the studio this morning alongside a new trailer that gives us our first taste of what this sequel will have in store. Sadly, for those that are hoping to see the game release any time soon, it looks like you'll be kept waiting.

Frostpunk 2 was announced today alongside the release of a trailer that was comprised entirely of cinematics. Instead of showing off new gameplay from this entry, the video instead gives us a look at this snowy world that many players might find familiar. The ending of the trailer slowly zooms in on an unnamed character who happens to be kneeling in the snow with his hands bound. Oil and blood surround the man, with the word "Liar" appearing upon his chest. The trailer then cuts to the Frostpunk 2 logo alongside confirmation that the game will only be coming to PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG.

When it comes to the release date of Frostpunk 2, 11 Bit Studios had nothing to say on the matter. In fact, the newly-revealed title doesn't even have a launch window at this point in time. Still, the game itself sounds quite promising for those who are able to be patient. "What players should expect is a wide universe of choices, freedom to shape the society and the city however they see fit - and reap the consequences," said Frostpunk 2's co-director, Jakub Stokalski, on what players can look for in the sequel. "Frostpunk 2 builds on the conflicts of its predecessor - survival vs human values, life vs the arctic frost. But most importantly, it adds a new layer that is present in many aspects of the game - be it politics, be it society, be it technological progress - the conflict between humans and their nature."

Perhaps the best news related to Frostpunk today is that if you haven't played the first installment, you can give it a shot over the coming days. From now until August 16 on Steam, the original game will be completely free to play via the platform. So if you missed Frostpunk when it first released 3 years ago, now you can give it a shot for no cost.

What do you think about the reveal of Frostpunk 2? Are you going to pick this one up whenever it does happen to release? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.