Gears Of War 4 Celebrates Thanksgiving With The Return Of The Cluckshot

Anyone can celebrate Thanksgiving, but how many people out there celebrate Thanksgibbing?In case [...]


Anyone can celebrate Thanksgiving, but how many people out there celebrate Thanksgibbing?

In case you're unfamiliar with that terminology of the national holiday, it's what the team at The Coalition calls it, as a way to celebrate getting your frag on in Gears of War 4. And this year, it's celebrating it even better than ever, with the return of a much beloved weapon that you can get your hands on – the Cluckshot!

The team has tweeted out today that it has kicked off this year's Thanksgibbing event, announcing that all players will have access to not only double XP in multiplayer, but also the Cluckshot, a variation of the Boomshot that lets loose with chickens instead of bullets. You heard that right – chickens. You can find the tweet below.

So here's how you can secure the Cluckshot for your arsenal. You can start by registering on the official website, and then heading into battle by winning five matches in King of the Hill Cluckshot, or getting 50 kills with the weapon in the Thanksgibbing playlist before November 27th. Do that, and the variation is yours to keep.

"These stats are tracked in our backend and not visible to players. We recommend manually tracking as you play if you want to ensure you your Weapon Skin," the development team noted. "To qualify, you must be connected to Xbox Live and complete these objectives in the Thanksgibbing playlist by no later than November 27th at 10am PDT. Rewards will be granted to qualifying participants by mid December."

And this isn't the only holiday event going down. Next month, the team plans to launch Gearsmas, which will bring back the much beloved Snowball Fight, as well as the debut of the first "crazy" Horde variant, so you can really bump up the challenge.

"But I don't have Gears of War 4," you're probably saying. Well, you can always jump on board the Xbox Game Pass, which will feature the game in its line-up starting December 1st. And the first month is only a dollar, so, really, your excuses are moot.

Gears of War 4 is available now for Xbox One and Windows 10.