Ghost of Tsushima's Iki Island Expansion Adds New Abilities and Horse Armor

Ghost of Tsushima’s new Director’s Cut edition releases next month with several bonuses [...]

Ghost of Tsushima's new Director's Cut edition releases next month with several bonuses included, but the most attractive of all is the Iki Island expansion planned for the release. We knew already that the Director's Cut and its expansion would sent Jin Sakai on a new set of missions over on the Iki Island location to face off against Mongol holdouts, and thanks to some new details recently shared by the developers, we have a better idea of other parts of the game that'll be expanded on soon.

Jason Connell, the creative director and art director at Sucker Punch Productions who's working on the new Ghost of Tsushima content, spoke about the expansion with Press Start to share more insights into what went into the Director's Cut. Connell was asked what sorts of abilities Jin might access in the new expansion, and while he didn't give anything specific away, he teased that the Mythic Tales found throughout the base game will be expanded on in the expansion. Those Mythic Tales awarded Jin with forgotten powers and unique equipment to aid him in ways his traditional training couldn't.

"Without giving it all away, what I will say is that there are some new skills and some new abilities," Connell said. "There's some things that we lean into a little bit more that we're pretty excited about. We quite like our Mythic Tales that we had in Tsushima, so leaning into something like that, this game is going to be very rewarding and fun. Also we lean into nature as sort of a theme. We had foxes in the base game, but there are more types of animals, I think about three more in total in this one for you to experience."

At least one ability will deal with Jin's trusty steed that accompanies him on his travels. It's a "Horse Charge" move which was already previewed in at least one trailer, and to make sure horses stay sturdy now that they'll be more involved in the battles, we're getting horse armor, too.

"And now we have actual horse armour, as well as a Horse Charge ability that kind of scatters guys out of the way and you can use it every now and then and it's quite cool," Connell said. "You can see it in the trailer – it's pretty exciting, it gives a whole new use to riding your horse through an area. I'm using it as an actual weapon, which is very exciting. So yeah, we have a number of things that we're not talking about quite yet, but that should be really exciting to our players when they jump in."

Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut releases on August 20th.