Ghost of Tsushima Director Comments on Movie Announcement

PlayStation Studios made the surprising announcement earlier today that it is working on a film [...]

PlayStation Studios made the surprising announcement earlier today that it is working on a film adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima, the popular action-adventure game developed by Sucker Punch Productions that released in 2020. Although details on the movie are still hard to come by, it's set to be directed by Chad Stahelski, who previously directed the John Wick films. Now, the director of the game itself has chimed in with his own thoughts on what the movie could look like.

Speaking on the PlayStation Blog, Sucker Punch director Nate Fox shared his own thoughts on Ghost of Tsushima and its transition to the big screen. "The idea of translating our game into a new medium is exciting, and we're intrigued by the possibilities," Fox expressed. "We've all gone to a movie on opening night when the crowd is so excited that they cheer as the lights go down. It's a group experience that isn't replicated anywhere else. To think that we could sit in the theater someday watching Jin Sakai up on the big screen is amazing. We'd all relive his tense transformation into the Ghost from a whole new vantage point."

Fox went on to express that he believes Stahelski is the perfect choice to bring Ghost of Tsushima into the film medium. "We are happy to partner with Sony Pictures to make this happen. And Jin is in very good hands with the film's director," Fox said. Chad Stahelski created something special with John Wick. His vision for what could be, backed up by years of experience, combined to create some of the finest action scenes ever created. If anyone could bring to life the razor-sharp tension of Jin's katana combat, it's Chad Stahelski."

With some parting words, Fox also expressed his appreciation for everyone who has played Ghost of Tsushima so far. He also encouraged those who are interested to try and visit the real-world island of Tsushima when it is safe to do so. All in all, Fox seems quite happy about the Ghost of Tsushima movie and seems more than encouraged about the direction that it's heading with Sony Pictures and Stahelski.

For no, no release details on the Ghost of Tsushima movie have been given, but we'll surely start to hear a whole lot more from Sony in the coming months and years.

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