God of War Director Reveals Which Superhero Game He Wants to Make

God of War creative director Cory Barlog has revealed which superhero game he wants to make. And [...]

God of War creative director Cory Barlog has revealed which superhero game he wants to make. And as you would expect, he has great taste in superheroes, aka he wants to make a Hawkeye game. Word of the aspiration comes way of the director's official Twitter account. Quote-tweeting a tweet asking what your dream superhero game is, Barlog replied with an image of Hawkeye.

More specifically, the God of War reboot creator tweeted a picture featuring Clint Barton and Kate Bishop from Hawkeye, the incredible comic series written by Matt Fraction and with art from David Aja. In the initial tweet, Barlog doesn't say who he would want to develop the game, but in the replies he clarified that he would want it to be Santa Monica Studios, the studio which he's a creative director at.

As you would expect, not only are many celebrating the choice, but many are watering at the mouth over the possibility.

Will Barlog and Santa Monica Studios ever create a Hawkeye game? Probably not, or at least not anytime soon. Both are pretty busy with God of War at the moment. Further, there are plenty of other Marvel heroes that need to get their standalone games first. Hawkeye is popular, but he's certainly not at the tippy top of the pecking order. He should be, along with Moon Knight, but unfortunately he's not.

That said, it's possible. After all, Marvel and Sony have already shown they can work together to create games. In 2018, they shipped Marvel's Spider-Man to big sales and critical acclaim. And word is a sequel on PS5 isn't that far away.

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