God of War Creator Says Kratos "Was Never a Misogynist"

According to God of War creator, David Scott Jaffe, Kratos was never a misogynist, and he takes umbrage with those that claim the iconic PlayStation character was. Taking to Twitter, Jaffe vented his frustration with those that claimed Kratos was a misogynist in the original game, noting he's tired of people using the game and this perception of the god slayer to justify their various beliefs on 2018's God of War, which not only rebooted the series, but rebooted it without Jaffe and made some character adjustments to the The Ghost of Sparta.

"I must continually state that Kratos was NEVER a misogynist in GOD OF WAR 1," said Jaffe. "Like AT ALL. And it pisses me off 'journalists' continue to retcon that game in order to justify the thesis of their GOD OF WAR 2018 stories."

Of course, Jaffe is a bit biased here since he created the character, but to be fair, the belief with which he's debating is certainly a minority one, and one nobody talked about until 2018's God of War released. When God of War released in 2005, there was plenty of critics of Kratos, but most of these proffered that the character was unbearable with his anger and simply unlikable. Whether you agree or disagree with the claim of misogyny, it's not something many people were saying back in the middle and late 2000s.

As for the rebooted God of War series, a sequel is presumably in development for the PlayStation 5 under Cory Barlog, however, for now this hasn't been confirmed.


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