Google Launches 2-Month Free Trial for Stadia Pro

As gamers around the world embrace social distancing guidelines, everyone is looking for something [...]

As gamers around the world embrace social distancing guidelines, everyone is looking for something to play. Fortunately, there seems to be no shortage of video game companies looking to keep people busy on the cheap over the coming weeks. From Humble Bundle's "Conquer COVID-19" deal, to a 29-cent game on the Nintendo eShop, there are many ways for gamers to spend their time in-doors. Fans that have been interested in checking out Stadia will be happy to know that Google has announced two free months of Stadia Pro, with 14 countries eligible for the trial, and nine games to play for free, throughout that time.

Given Google Stadia's struggles since launch, this is definitely a smart move on the company's part. With so many major games seeing delays over the last few weeks, players have been actively looking for more titles to check out. While the system's library does not offer any exclusive games at the moment, getting people to try the streaming service and see what it currently has to offer could be a great way for Google to hook people on Stadia.

Current Stadia Pro subscribers will be happy to know that they also qualify for the two free months; the company will simply not charge these users for the next two months. Newcomers that sign-up for the program will retain any additional games that they purchase, even if they choose not to stick with Stadia after the trial is over.

It will be interesting to see whether or not the free trial will convince more gamers to join the game-streaming service. Stadia has struggled to build a strong fan-base since it launched last November, but with so many people looking for content to consume at-home, and ways to connect with friends online, the trial couldn't have come at a better time.

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