Google Reveals What Stadia Will Do "Way Better" Than PS5 and Xbox Scarlett

If you're a big fan of multiplayer games, your future platform of choice may not be the Xbox [...]

If you're a big fan of multiplayer games, your future platform of choice may not be the Xbox Scarlett or PS5, but the Google Stadia, because according to Google, not only is the Stadia better at multiplayer than consoles, but "way better." Why? Because of its unique tech that Google dumped untold resources into. During a recent interview with Kinda Funny, Director of Games at Google, Jack Buser, dove into this topic at length, breaking down why consoles and even gaming PCs won't come near Stadia in terms of what it can offer for multiplayer games. And to break it down for people, Buser used an example of the hottest thing in games right now: battle royale.

"Another example we give is, if you take a Battle Royale game, you got like a hundred people playing," said Buser speaking to Kinda Funny's Greg Miller. "And basically your PC or your console is busy trying to coordinate with my PC and my console. And there's 98 other PCs and consoles, and they're trying to network them all together to make it look like there's a hundred people running around the same battlefield, right. It's a very tough engineering problem, which is why Battle Royale games are relatively new, it took a while for us to figure out how do you synchronize a hundred different consoles and people's living rooms with varying degrees of Internet connectivity all over the world. It's tough. But with Stadia, it's the world's largest LAN party.

Buser continued:

"Ultra high bandwidth and super, super stable connections between every person playing. 'Is multiplayer going to be good on Stadia?' Oh yeah, way better than what you could get out of a console. Because all of these cloud instances are all talking to each other with these very, very robust, high bandwidth pipes. You can imagine multiplayer worlds with like, forget hundreds, thousands of people all running around a playfield together all at the same time, all being rendered up on the screen."

Of course, it remains to be seen just how much Stadia improves the multiplayer experience for the average gamer. Of course, data caps, slow Internet speeds, and other factors may hinder Stadia from truly raising the bar in this specific realm of gaming.

Google Stadia is set to release this November. For more news, media, and information on the upcoming ambitious gaming platform, click here.

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