Gotham Knights Release Window Reiterated by WB Boss

The release window for Gotham Knights, which is the latest Batman video game developed by WB Games Montreal, has been reiterated by the boss of WarnerMedia. In recent months, news on Gotham Knights has largely fallen by the wayside, with WB Games instead only opting to show off a brief new trailer at its DC FanDome event. In light of this lack of major news, some fans have wondered whether or not Gotham Knights would actually end up releasing on schedule. Fortunately, it sounds like this will still very much be the case despite the ongoing silence surrounding the game. 

In a recent message shared on social media, Jason Kilar, who is the head honcho at WarnerMedia, revealed that Gotham Knights is still very much on track to release in 2022. Kilar didn't add any further context about which part of the year Gotham Knights could specifically arrive in, but he pointed to the title and Hogwarts Legacy, which is another upcoming release from WB Games, as products that should play a big role in "delivering of a full slate of highly anticipated games."

Assuming that Gotham Knights does definitely release this year, it seems like only a matter of time until WB Games Montreal starts showing off much more of the title. At this point, new gameplay footage from Gotham Knights is something that we haven't seen since all the way back in 2020, which means that much of what the game has in store is still being kept under wraps. Still, it seems likely that we should start to hear more about the project in the coming weeks or months if all goes well. 

For now, all we really know about Gotham Knights is that it will release on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms when it does drop this year. Be sure to stay tuned to all of our coverage on the game right here as we'll surely start to learn more soon enough. 

Do you fully expect Gotham Knights to end up releasing in its planned 2022 launch window? Or do you think that it's possible for the game to end up seeing a delay into 2023? Let me know your own thoughts either down in the comments or you can message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.