Perfected Grand Theft Auto Walk Earns TikTok User Millions of Views

If you’ve been around TikTok to browse videos over the past couple of months or so, you’ve [...]

If you've been around TikTok to browse videos over the past couple of months or so, you've likely seen the Grand Theft Auto walk appear as a trend once or twice. The trend involves people replicating the movements of NPCs as they walk around Grand Theft Auto cities and perform other actions like getting in and out of vehicles. One content creator on TikTok has stuck with the trend and gotten the walk down so well that she's accumulated millions of views across her library of videos.

The content creator in question goes by @gtamillionnata on TikTok in case you were wondering just how much the GTA walk and other GTA actions are tied to the success of the videos. The Russian TikTok user posts videos like the one below which was one of the more successful ones in her library at over 35 million views. It replicates the way a GTA character would hop onto a bike while including the choppy movements such as running around other obstacles to get to a destination.


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♬ GTA San Andreas Theme (Remake) - Ben Morfitt (SquidPhysics)

While the GTA walk itself is a core part of each of the videos, you can only impress people with the walk alone for so long before needing something else to keep the content fresh. The Russian TikTok user adapted the formula to incorporate more things like getting on the bike in the video above or stealing cars in the video below to highlight more parts of GTA other than the ways that characters walk around.


По многочисленным просьбам 😂😅! Кидайте ещё идеи ) воплощу ! ##GTAmillionnata ##GTA ##GTArussia ##gtasanandreas

♬ оригинальный звук - GTA

Less than a week ago, gtamillionnata posted a video saying her account had accumulated over 1 million followers. The most recent GTA video was posted within an hour of this story, so it seems like the GTA content isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Just like other forms of social media such as Twitter and Reddit, TikTok has grown to be a prime place for quick snippets of entertaining gaming content like gtamillionnata's videos. Other examples of the gaming side of TikTok include videos from a user who nonchalantly plays games with an Xbox controller, but the controller itself is held upside down.

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