Tiktok Gamer Blows Away Viewers Playing With Upside Down Xbox Controller

Video games require strong hand-eye coordination, and mastering button placement can be a [...]

Video games require strong hand-eye coordination, and mastering button placement can be a difficult part of the process; now imagine how difficult is would be while using the controller upside down! A gamer by the name of Roopz is doing just that on TikTok and Twitch with an Xbox controller. The streamer has apparently been playing games like this since he was a kid, even claiming in a video that it's the only way he knows how to play. Roopz regularly showcases his talents while playing games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Angry Video Game Nerd I and II Deluxe, Tekken, and even Super Mario 64.

Videos of Roopz playing with an upside down controller can be found on his Twitch channel right here, or on TikTik right here. A brief video of Roopz playing Call of Duty with the controller upside down can also be viewed in the video embedded below.


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It's hard to overstate just how difficult it must be to learn how to play a game using a controller like this! Developers put a lot of thought and effort into the design of a controller to make it as comfortable as possible for users, and turning the it upside down completely negates that. While button placement would be difficult to figure out, directional arrows might be the hardest part. It's easy to see how some games might be easier to learn this with than others, but a first-person shooter like Modern Warfare seems almost impossible!

As of this writing, Roopz has more than 24,000 followers on TikTok, with many of his videos showcasing his unique ability. All of his gaming videos show him using the Xbox controller, which seems to be his preferred method for gaming. In a Tweet earlier this year, Roopz can be seen holding the PS5 controller upside down, which he called "a lil uncomfortable." It seems Sony didn't take players like him into consideration with its design!

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