Great Western Trail Will Go to Argentina, New Zealand

The popular board game Great Western Trail will expand to two new locales in the coming year. Game publisher Eggertspiele has announced that they will release Great Western Trail: Argentina later this year, followed by a Great Western Trail: New Zealand in 2023. This follows the release of Great Western Trail Second Edition in 2021, which added both a solo mode and several new cow breeds, buildings, and other game components. Great Western Trail and its successors were designed by Alexander Pfister, with art by Chris Quilliams. 

Great Western Trail is a popular game about cattle ranching and herding. Players have to manage a herd of cows by bringing them back and forth between two locations (in the original, players traveled between Texas and Kansas City) while utilizing resources along the herding trail. Players could decide whether to add more cowboys to keep track of the herd, build new outbuildings that provide benefits while on the trail, or work on a new railway system that can deliver cows more efficiently to their destination. The original game was published in 2016 and is currently one of the top-ranked games on Board Game Geek, an online database of board games and one of the industry standards for trending games. 

Great Western Trail: Argentina will add several new mechanics, including new alternate paths that provide different challenges and resources, local cuisine to sample, and a new farmer worker that produces grain that can also be delivered to destinations. The game will also add a new exhaustion card for players to manage. Great Western Trail will also introduce an AI opponent for solo players to use 

Expect to see Great Western Trail: Argentina later this year, followed by Great Western Trail: New Zealand in 2023.