GTA Online Fans Upset After Long-Awaited Update Leaks and It's Disappointing

GTA Online fans are upset following a new leak that has revealed the long-awaited December update isn't quite what they were expecting. It's been a year since the big Cayo Perico Heist update, and typically, in December, GTA Online receives a substantial update, and this year that may still happen, but it doesn't sound like it will. According to a prominent and reliable Rockstar Games insider, Tez2, the next update isn't as big and notable as previous December updates. 

Taking to Twitter, the insider relayed word that the update is codenamed "Fixers," and the expectation is that it will add more Tuner-alike contracts to the game. And that's about it.

"GTA Online next update is codenamed Fixers, as per sources," said the insider. " The codename suggests the return of more Tuner-alike Contracts. Since Dr.Dre is involved, the legit business, Rockstar hinted at, is likely music-centered and expandable with new Contracts."

As you would expect, this underwhelming leak hasn't been received well by fans who were hoping next month would come with a big and meaningful update to the game. Naturally, many players were hoping for Heists while others were hoping for the game's current issues to be fixed. 

"'Everyone on earth: "Omgggg it's heist month, it's GOTTA mean that we're gonna get a new heist RIGHT?!' Rockstar: *f*****g does a Tuners part 2 instead*," reads one response.  "Why can't Rockstar give us a mafia DLC or a naval DLC? Maybe some custom mansions too so we can expend 30M in furniture and decorations instead of these boring techno new DLC that no one likes," added another fan.

"Hopefully your information is false. And fixers is actually focused on bug fixes. Godmode has to be eliminated, MK2 have to get tuned down and various other fixes are needed as well as some performance patches," reads a third reply

Of course, all of these responses may be vain because this information could be false. That said, the source in question is very reputable and very reliable. As for Rockstar Games, it has yet to address this leak and we don't expect it to. Not only does it rarely comment on leaks, but with the update on the horizon, there's no reason to comment on unofficial information when you have an official roll-out coming soon.