GTA Online's Next Update Teases Aliens and Return of Dr. Friedlander

GTA Online's next update has gotten a new trailer and is teasing more drug wars, aliens, and the return of a familiar face from Grand Theft Auto V's story. GTA Online is still going strong almost a decade after its original release and is doing its best to keep players as engaged as possible. Rockstar has also started spacing out the content in its bigger updates to ensure there's a more steady stream of content in the game. Over the last couple of years, it has largely been reduced to two big content updates every 6 months or so, but that leaves big gaps for players outside of that.

The last big update, Los Santos Drug Wars, has been the first to break its content into chunks to make it more sustainable. Next week, the last part of this update, known as The Last Dose, will be released and Rockstar Games has treated us to a brand new trailer for it. GTA Online's next update will release on March 16th. The trailer is quite brief, but gives us a look at the absurdity of it all and reveals that UFOs and aliens will play some role (like in a psychedelic trip) and Michael's therapist, Dr. Friedlander is making his return. As of right now, we're not sure what Friedlander's role is, but given this update deals with trippy drugs... he may be trying to offer other forms of therapy by becoming some sort of drug lord. You can check out the trailer below.

In Grand Theft Auto V, Dr. Friedlander serves as Michael's therapist until he takes a deal for a TV show. He tells Michael that he will need to find a new therapist and he will be using Michael as inspiration for the show. Michael is then allowed to kill Dr. Friedlander or let him escape which will then allow players to receive an email from him where he will thank Michael for allowing his story to be told. With that said, it seems like the canonical decision is that Friedlander lived and went on to go do his TV show.

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