Grand Theft Auto 6 Theory Suggests Bully 2 Was Cancelled Again to Work on New GTA Game

Grand Theft Auto VI may have been the reason Rockstar Game’s supposed work on Bully 2 was halted [...]

Grand Theft Auto VI may have been the reason Rockstar Game's supposed work on Bully 2 was halted for a third time, according to new theory and speculation discussions from insiders. Both games have frequently been the subject of such rumors regarding Rockstar Games' projects, and if the latest discussions are be believed, work on Bully 2 was supposedly cancelled in 2017 in order to focus on the new GTA game instead.

The latest on the GTA VI and Bully 2 theories come from Rockstar Games insiders Tez2 and Yan2295 who each weighed in on discussions about the pair of games. in a lengthy discussion within the GTA Forums (via DualShockers) where GTA fans shared their theories about GTA VI, Tez2 said they guessed the game was in "pre-production back in 2015" with development kicking off some time during the following years. The pace of GTA VI's development was supposedly slowed down to focus more on Red Dead Redemption 2 and on Bully 2, but Tez2 suggested that Bully 2 work was halted to focus more on GTA VI.

"The latter was canned in 2017, so I presume they did that to focus on GTAVI," Tez2 said within the GTA Forums.

As many rumors often do, this theory eventually made it to the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit which produces and hosts sometimes credible, often dubious leads on different projects. Fellow Rockstar Games insider Yan2295 corroborated Tez2's suggestion there by saying "Yeah he's right" when the GTA Forums discussion was shared.

If the latest discussions are indeed accurate, they may give some insights into why GTA VI is taking so long as well as why Bully fans are still left hoping for some sort of announcement about a follow-up game. The insiders commenting on the discussions often have valuable insights into Rockstar Games projects, but the GTA Forums discussion itself was part five of a "GTA 6 Speculation & Discussion" topic, so suffice it to say there are in no way shortages of GTA VI and Bully 2 rumors and theories to be believed.

Rockstar Games has not made any formal announcements about GTA VI nor has it discussed Bully 2 at this time, though Grand Theft Auto fans have recently been reassured by Rockstar Games' commitment to more single-player experiences.