Grand Theft Auto Fans May Have Figured Out GTA 6 Release Date

Grand Theft Auto fans think they may have figured out the release date of GTA 6, or at least narrowed down when the next Grand Theft Auto game is coming out. According to a plethora of reports and leaks, Rockstar Games is hard at work on the next Grand Theft Auto game. Right now, the game hasn't been officially announced, but we've heard extensively about it through rumors, reports, and leaks. Currently, the expectation is the game is set, at least partially, in Vice City, the series' fictional take on Miami. This is something everyone agrees on. Where the information diverges is whether it's set in the 20th century or in the modern day. Meanwhile, rumors, reports, and leaks are also divided on when the game is going to release.

The latest to take a stab at this million-dollar question is a new theory that thinks the game will release in 2024. The theory revolves around the latest Take-Two Interactive financial information shared with investors. Take-Two Interactive is the parent company of Rockstar Games, which it owns alongside the likes of 2K, Zynga, and Private Division. It's a company that is making massive amounts of money each year, largely thanks to GTA Online. That said, it's expecting its annual growth rate to increase by 14 percent in 2024, which may not sound like the biggest number, but for a company like Take-Two Interactive, it's a substantial number. If it's expecting this, it's presumably because it expects a major product to release in 2022, and when it comes to major releases, none fit the bill more than GTA 6

There's a problem with this theory though, or at least a potential problem. Current scuttlebutt suggests that Rockstar Games may be preparing to reveal its next game this year and release it the following year. That said, if GTA 6 is releasing in 2023 it doesn't explain why Take-Two Interactive's forecast for 2024 is more optimistic compared to 2023, unless the new GTA Online won't release until the following year, which is certainly a possibility. 

Unfortunately, for now, all we have is lots of speculation. As always, feel free to leave a comment or two letting us know what you think or, alternatively, hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ to talk all things gaming. What do you think of this new GTA 6 theory?