New GTA Online Cars Spotted Ahead of Full Reveal

There's a new GTA Online update on the way, and in case you hadn't heard, it's bringing with it some more vehicles that'll be available for purchase. We know some broad details about some of those, but not specifics just yet. The newest trailer for the Criminal Enterprises update as well as some images shared on Rockstar Games' newswire posts appear to have shown off some of the new cars already, however, and players have taken notice.

The Criminal Enterprises update was officially unveiled on July 21st with the trailer below showing off some of the vehicles that'll apparently be added at some point during or after this update. You can try and pick them out yourself, but in case you haven't, others already have.

GTA Online players like Twitter user summersw20 compiled a look at some of the new vehicles seen in the trailer and in the newswire posts. Again, we don't have names for all these yet nor do we have pricing info, but from the looks of it, players will have plenty of new cars to choose from.

The posts on the Rockstar newswire confirmed the makes of some of the vehicles as well as additional info regarding upgrades.

"There will be plenty of new ways to cut a route between points A and B in The Criminal Enterprises, with new vehicles arriving throughout the summer and beyond," Rockstar said. "Two new Imani Tech-eligible vehicles will be available to take advantage of special upgrades from F. Clinton and Partner's expert hacker, including remote control, missile lock-on jammer, and more."

"There will also be new Tuners vehicles, and Benny's Original Motor Works is expanding its capabilities to work on additional vehicles," Rockstar continued. "Meanwhile, Hao is keen to get to work on an existing classic, with a brand-new ride coming later this summer for those on the latest generation of consoles. Plus, an assortment of new and deeper customization options on several OG vehicles, some of which you may already own, that will give them a new look, and a new lease on life."

The Criminal Enterprises update is scheduled to release in GTA Online on July 26th, though it's unlikely that we'll see all of the vehicles added at the same time, so expect to see them released gradually after the update is out.